Welcome Back to Albert & Amphora

Hello my dear and WELCOME BACK to Albert & Amphora!

In February I decided to take my blog offline. I bored myself with what I wrote. Yes you are reading right. I was not happy with what I did, so I decided, I need to change something. I thought this might take me not longer than 4 weeks but well, I thought wrong… It took me much longer. I needed to find out what I actually wanted to reach with my blog. What is the value I am giving to my readers? – I was not able to answer this question. So I was working hard on myself to find out what I want. Actually it sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? – Finding out, what you want. But for me it was not.

When I started my blog, people called me a fashion-blogger and I could not identify with this term. I thought I have much more to say then that. So it got clear to me that fashion will not be the main issue at Albert & Amphora. I am passionate about many things. However, three topics accompany me since years: Fashion (in particular sewing), baking and travelling.

I’ve been sewing since almost 20 years (ok, now I feel old :-D). I taught it myself and I want to help you to design your own pieces or to upcycle some of your old gear.

Baking was always a great part of my life. All my grandparents were bakers and I think it is genetically that I start to bake when I am stressed. I will show you recipes which are super easy and delicious and even doable for people who claim not being able to bake!

Traveling is kind of in my nature. My parents travelled with my sister and me every year at least 4 times to different countries. I am getting bored and mad if I cannot travel in a while and have to stick at one place. Here, I want to share my experience with you - all the secret places, you don’t find in the travel guides and much more.

And last but not least: Blogging. I am conscious about the fact that I am still a small blogger. However, I am not only a Blogger, I also work in social media marketing. This means I know both sides. I want to share all my knowledge I got so far and I really hope it will help you further. And please let me know if you have any questions! Just write me an Email or leave a comment and I will come back to you asap! I promise! J

I also changed many other things. I am not living in Berlin anymore. I am based in Amsterdam now. Finally, living together with my boyfriend, Gian and doing what I love to do: Being a Marketer in a fashion company.

And obviously, something else is new: the design! I found this beautiful Theme from Elam Studio and individualised it with my html knowledge (thank god for tutorials and forums!).

So yes, - Welcome back to Albert & Amphora! And I really hope that you like it!

I am looking forward for your feedback and your opinions!

With love from Amsterdam,


  1. I´m so in love with your new blog and really excited about all the great things to come. I´m really happy to know that you´re also enjoying to sew, which I do as well and learned from my Grandmother so I´m really looking forward to all of the DIY from you.
    I also tend to bake when I´m stressed, which my friends and family really seem to enjoy I have to admit, and I´m definitly trying all of your recipes!

    Sandra <3 http://flourishlike.com/

  2. Ein schöner Beitrag 🙂
    Ich freue mich schon richtig auf deine künftigen Beiträge und bin schon richtig gespannt!!

    Ach, und das Bild ist soo schön 😀

    Alles Liebe,

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