Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

Some of the most beautiful things happen unexpectedly…

To be honest, I never heard of the Victoria & Albert Museum before, I just went there because of an exhibition about Alexander McQueen. He was one of my favourite Designers and I didn’t want to miss seeing his masterpieces in reality. When I arrived there I wanted to buy a ticket and the guy in the museum just smiled at me and said that they are already sold out since weeks… I was so sad, you cannot imagine. But I thought “well, when I am already here I can have a look around” and my journey through the history of design started.
I forgot my disappointment when I found the fashion design pieces from the past centuries. I was amazed by the fabrics, the patterns and accessorise. When looking above there were videos on the wall which described how these pieces were sewed. I loved the way they combined different mediums to visualise.
I continued my journey through Britain in the 16th century going further to architecture and furniture design, walking through a room where almost everything is made of glass and finally arriving in a room where I was not allowed to take pictures. It was pretty dark in there, only with some spotlights on the exhibits which reflected the light very magically. It was a room full of jewellery; diamonds, gemstones, gold, platinum and much more. A girl’s dream!
I went further to rooms about film and theatre, filled with costumes (some you could try on), film posters, properties and little installations. You could find screens which show how these pieces where used in a movie. These rooms were really one of my favourites.
Afterwards I passed the modern and historical paintings and photography to find a place to sit. I was walking around already for almost 4 hours and I had totally forgotten the time...
I went downstairs and I was standing in the busy "garden café" with delicious looking pastries and savoury food. However, the really impressive thing was not the food, but the atmosphere and the architecture of this café. I was amazed by the mixture of the historical ceiling and walls, and the modern white light balls which suited perfectly in my eyes. They had something romantic and detailed but they didn’t make the room too busy. So, even though you don’t want to eat in the café, go there!
However, because of the great weather I decided to have lunch in the beautiful garden which was framed by the blue- and pink blossomed hydrangea.

All in all let me say, you rarely find a museum which is so diverse but still having a common theme and which is so passionate about detail but still so clear. My recommendation is: Go there!

I came to the Victoria & Albert Museum because of the Alexander McQueen exhibition and was sad I couldn’t see it; I left with so much inspiration and with the goal to share all this incredible impressions with you. Everything I found there inspired me like almost no other place in my life before. Sometimes the most beautiful things happen unexpectedly.


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