The British Museum-think again

The British Museum-think again

I expected a lot from the British Museum - really a lot! You read about it in all travel guides; I approached it in my English lesson at school, so I thought it is worth it to go there… Well, think again.
When I got there I was totally impressed by the stately entrance area! A daylight-flooded hall with a building like a cylinder in the middle framed with two stairways which led to a nice café right under the roof. From the hall you get into the different exhibition rooms. However, in there my initial excitement ebbed away…
The rooms were sticky and totally overcrowded; maybe because it was a Saturday afternoon but still. Due to all those people I missed the quiet to enjoy the exhibits and take them in. I missed the passion for detail and the certain indefinable something… which I found at the Victoria & Albert Museum the day before.

We just left after one hour… so maybe I cannot evaluate the British Museum as good as someone who spend a whole day there but I think that the first impressions are really essential not only with a person but also in a museum. However, like with people you should make your own impression.


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