KIKO – constant companion

Finally, I made it to load up the beauty post for you of the products I used at the All in Black look. The last days were quite busy due to the reason that I had to organise a lot of nice stories which are coming in the next weeks.
As you have already seen in the last post, I had been to My Late Summer Love – Sicily. During my time there my KIKO Lipstick had been my constant companion. KIKO claims that it lasts for hours on your lips, and it’s true! And the best thing about it is that your lips are not getting dry, even after hours.
I chose these products for my look because the colours fit perfectly together. I don’t like it when the accessories and the nail polish and lipstick have the exact same colour. In my eyes they should be either totally contrary or in the same shade. Personally, I prefer the second option. Let me know what you think!