For some it’s plum

For some it's plum

Which colour has the nail polish for you? For me it’s a dark pink, my mom says it’s violet and my grandma means it’s fuchsia. Well, decide one your own which colour it is for you but on one thing we all agreed on, this nail polish is really amazing.
Apart from the colour I also liked it that I just had to apply it ones on my nails and it covered immediately and it dried relatively quick (I could use my hands after 10 minutes again and the polish was not damaged). So, if you want to go out and you still have to do your nails, this one is a good choice.
The next thing I’d like to recommend you is the lipstick also by Catrice. It is very similar to the colour of the nail polish, for me it is a really nice mixture of pink and red. It will be amazing in autumn and winter when your skin is really pale. Try it out! I know whereof I speak, due to the reason that I am quite pale during the whole year. The only thing I was really surprised about was the smell of the lipstick. I never had a lipstick smelling like this… It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, but it is interesting and after wearing it the third time I got used to it and now I like it!
Let’s get to the eyeshadow now. I have to be honest with you, I love buying eyeshadows... and most of the time they look all the same, earthy browns and some light colours for the highlights. However, this eyeshadow had some red in it and I just took it because it reminds me of the first eyeshadow which I got from my mom… Ok, I stole it from her, but that’s not the topic now! When I got home I regretted the purchase a bit because I am always scared that a red eyeshadow makes me look like a zombie. But then I tried it out and -lo and behold- no zombie-look. It’s perfect for smoky eyes and it lasts for hours, so it will surely be one of my autumn’s favourites!

Let me know what you think about it!



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  2. Hi Theresa, the nail polish is def dark pink! Loving the Catrice lipstick, will have a closer look at it next time I drop by DM 🙂 Will linger a little longer on your blog soon! I think it’s lovely 🙂 x

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