Why Albert & Amphora

How often did I already hear: ‚But why is your Blog called Albert & Amphora? Does it have a meaning?’ And maybe you ask yourself the same?! Then here we go:

The name of my blog has a very deep meaning for me. It expresses who I am and what I believe in. Now it’s getting very personal! Are you ready?

Last year, after I graduated, I came back from Sweden and started an Internship at a coach and trainer in Berlin. I was in a pretty bad condition. I was working my ass off during the years before and I didn’t know anymore how happiness actually felt like. I felt completely empty inside me. I have forgotten who I am and I asked myself: What am I going to do with my life? I had no goal, no dream – and I think that this is one of the worst things that can happen to you – Not having a dream. You need to know what you are working for!


Why Amphora

Every Monday morning the coach and the team sat together, talked about the upcoming week and we usually tried out some coaching exercises. This morning it was a daydream - exercise. We had to close our eyes and think about the questions, we were asked (we had to keep the answers for ourselves until the end). The first question was: You are going on a trip to another country where you have never been before and you are allowed to take one animal and one item with you. What will it be? Together with the item and the animal we were travelling through different areas, but this is not relevant now. When we asked the coach in the end what the animal and the item are standing for, she said: ‘The animal is standing for relationships and the item is standing for what is important for you in life, what you value.’ And my colleague started to say what she picked: A cat and a hiking stick. The other one took a dog and a flashlight. And what did I pick? – A rhino and an Amphora.

I just thought: ‘What the hell! Why was I not thinking of something so practical, something so obvious!? When I said what I picked everyone was like: Ah that’s interesting! And I really wanted to know what it meant! The coach said that there is no special meaning - it’s a question of interpretation. It might mean that you value old things, traditions (you need to know that I have many beautiful old vases from my grandma) or that you love the beautiful things in life. Things you like to look at. You value the beauty and esthetic. I was confused and mad of myself. I was thinking about it the whole day. Why was I not thinking so practically? When I was asking this question to the coach again later that day, she just said: Maybe you have to accept that you are different, that you are more creative and value the beauty in life instead of being practically. I could not accept it at all at this stage. I tried to be someone I was not (even I was not conscious about that).


Why Albert

The week after I went to see Gian (my boyfriend), who was living in London at this time. I had been to London already so often, so I decided to visit the museums this time. Gian’s flat mates told me about the Victoria & Albert Museum. And I thought: Ok let’s go there! I went there without any expectations and I was fleshed. I was walking through the halls filled with all these beautiful pieces of art and design history. And finally after months of feeling nothing I was happy again. I felt so much happiness and joy walking through the rooms and I was close to cry. During my stay in London I went there two other times. And every time I felt so happy. During my third visit in the museum I decided to realise the idea of the blog which I had already one year before. When I came back home I was full of energy and positivity and I had a dream again: this Blog!


However, I still needed to find a name: I knew I should have something to do with the Victoria & Albert Museum. Therefore, I started to do some research about Victoria & Albert. I found out that Albert was German and he fostered the music and art scene in London at his time. He also designed the Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. (You have to know: When I was 12 years old my parents sent me to summer school to the Isle of Wight and I came back totally brainwashed and passionate about England (which I still am)). When I visited the Osborne House and I loved every single detail there. There were so many things that I could identify with and it got clear to me that I wanted to dedicate one part of the name of the Blog to Albert. Not only because of the happiness I felt in the museum and in the Osborne house, also because of his passion for art and design which I truly share!


After that I remembered the “Amphora” from our daydream-session two weeks before. I was still not really accepting what it was standing for but I thought it is a step into the right direction. I dedicate this part of the name to myself, to what I am: creative and different! And now, 1 year later I accept it and I started to live it!

Now it’s your turn! Share your story with me – I am so curious!