Who I am

If you are wondering now, who is this girl – here we go: As you already know I am Theresa founder, editor and creative head behind Albert & Amphora. And I have one huge problem: I have way too many passions! Yes, you are reading right –It’s a serious problem. Since I have been 7 years old I am sewing clothes and when I am stressed, I bake (I assume it is something genetically because all my grandparents were bakers). And because this is not enough, I am addicted to fashion and traveling and I fell in love with photography and photo editing in the last years – You see, it’s a disaster… I was looking for a way to combine all these passions. I felt a bit lost because I did not want to give up any of them.

I started Albert & Amphora in September 2015 with no clue what I am actually doing there. I never heard something before of a blog theme or html, nor of webhosting, SEO or Google Analytics. I was working hard, teaching myself all these things and ending up not really focusing on the content. When I realized that, I stopped blogging after only 4 month and overthought what I was doing.

I already loved blogging and I knew it was the right way – however, I also knew I had to improve, work harder and I have to define what I actually want to do with my blog. And here we are 5 months later with a new design, new content and still full of passion and ideas that I want to share with you!


Name: Theresa
Age: Middle 20’s
Born in: Berlin, Germany
Living in: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Education: Master Degree in Business Administration (Marketing)
Work: Social Media Marketer at a Fashion Brand
In love with my Boyfriend and Photographer: Gian