7 things you have to consider when approaching a company

Companies, in particular fashion companies, are receiving tons of mails from blogger every single day. This means that the influencer Marketing department looks at hundreds of pictures every day and mostly you decide within seconds if the blogger is fitting to your brand or not. This means the first impression counts a lot!

Today I want to share with 7 things you have to consider when approaching a company:

1 Approach in English

One of the most important things first: Please approach in English! If you are not 100% sure that this company is from your home country, be on the save side and write a mail in English. There is the possibility that there is not a person speaking your native language. Be sure that people will understand you.


2 Put your links into the mail / Be easy to find

What do I mean with that? The reason why you are reaching out to a company is that you want to cooperate with them, right?  The easiest way to get to know you is to visit your Blog and Instagram feed (maybe also your Pinterest, Facebook or Snapchat account – depends which of the channels you are using most actively).

3 possibilities to do it right:

Don’t: Please have a look on my Instagram Feed @albertandamphora
Do: To get to know me better have a look at my Instagram feed

Also really good in the end of the mail:
You find me on the following channels:
Blog: http://www.albertandamphora.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/albertandamphora/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/albertandamphora/
Pinterest: https://de.pinterest.com/albertamphora/
Bloglovin’: http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/albert-amphora-14490671

Or in the signature (make sure to have a signature! – It looks much more professional)

Albert & Amphora
49665-facebook-logo-icon-vector-icon-vector-epssocial-media_pinterest_flat-rounded-square-white-on-black_512x512 Bloglovin 21426-instagram-logo-silhouette-icon-vector-icon-vector-eps


3 Be familiar with the company

Approaching a company as a blogger is like writing a cover letter (just much shorter - see point 6.). You need to know who you are writing to. I know this is a lot of work but read their Company History or the About us part. Be sure for what the company is standing for, where it is based etc. You can read it directly if a blogger knows something about the company or not.


4 NEVER address a competitor and send it to another company

I guess that this is clear to everyone! BUT you don’t believe how many emails you get which are addressing the direct competitor. If something like this happens to you, you can forget the collaboration. This is why it is so important not to write standardized emails to every company you approach! Less is more! Only approach companies you can really identify with (more in point 7)


5 Don’t be overbearing

Some of you might think now: What does she mean?

I give you an example: Hi my name is xxx and I am a German Blogger. I have already 10k on Instagram and I would accept cooperation with you if it is paid. My followers will love your products (DON’T write the last sentence!).

I know that this is clear to most of you guys but I found it worth to mention it. A cooperation should be always on the same eye level, with respect for each other. Then it can be enrichment for everyone.

6 Don’t write too much

As I told you Influencer Marketer are reading many emails every single day so try to keep it short (but not too short).

Say who you are
what you want
why you and the brand fit together
How to find you (Point 2.)


7 Ask yourself if you and the brand are really fitting together

Here is one of my most important tips for you: Be actually sure that you and the brand fit together. What are you standing for? What is the brand standing for?

DO NOT approach just to get free stuff! It is really important to see a connection between you and the company. Otherwise you could lose your credibility not only in the eyes of the company (mainly and most importantly) in the eyes of your followers and reads. So have exactly this in mind when you approach a company.

Please feel free to ask me every question you want and tell me about your experience when approaching a company? Maybe I forgot an important point?- Let me know!

I wish you wonderful day!


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